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Learner Development Services

Learner Development Services (LDS) work with students and staff to support useful learning and research excellence. We do this through one-to-one consultations, classroom-based activities, drop-in tutorials, and online resources.

We offer advice on a range of academic practices, including:

  • Mathematics and statistics
  • Writing for assessments and research
  • Organisation and time management
  • Reading and notetaking
  • Critical analysis and evaluation
  • Exam preparation and performance

You can book an appointment below or by emailing

We do not offer proofreading services but we can support students and researchers to develop their reviewing and editing practices.

Aerial view of the learning and teaching building.

Learner Development Centre

Our Learner Development Centre has group and individual study areas and is where you can get in-person advice regarding research, learning, and maths and stats support.

TL453, Prof. Mary Dunn Wing, Learning and Teaching Building. G1 1XQ

You can take a virtual tour of our centre here.

Appointments and Resources

Student talking to a tutor

Maths and Stats Face-to-face and online appointments

As well as offering advice about all aspects of studying, revision, research, academic writing and assessments, we can also help you with specific topics and/or lack confidence when applying your mathematical and statistical knowledge. To see a Maths & Stats Adviser book here.

Two students in library, green background, male and female students.

Online resources

A wide selection of resources are accessible via our online classes on Myplace. In addition to the study and research resources, there are also maths and stats summary notes, multiple choice quizzes and practice tests.


We have an extensive range of resources to help you with your revision and exam performance, including tailored advice for those undertaking exams with a mathematics or statistics component. See LDS Exams and LDS Maths and Stats or make an appointment with one of our advisers.