Council Tax

The Council Tax is set by local authorities in the UK to help pay for certain services they provide. It’s based on the value of the house, flat or other dwelling in which you live.

Am I exempt from paying Council Tax?

  • Full time students on an award bearing course, studying here for at least 24 weeks in the academic year, are normally exempt from this tax.
  • If you’re living in University accommodation or a flat which is shared by other students you will be exempt from paying this tax.
  • If you’re married and your partner is with you in Glasgow they will be given exemption if:
    • they’re not a British citizen and are prevented by the terms of their leave to enter and remain in the UK from taking paid employment or from claiming benefits.

All students (married or single) who will be living in rented flats in the private sector should seek more information about payment of this tax when you are negotiating contracts for renting your room or flat. 

Further information

A request for an exemption certificate can be requested by clicking the 'Council Tax' link found on PEGASUS

If you have any questions about Council Tax please contact our Student Lifecycle Services team. Their office is on Level 1 in the McCance building and is open Monday to Friday from 10am until 4pm. You can get in touch by email:

Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Science

Faculty of Business

Faculty of HASS

You can also phone them on +44 (0) 141 548 3165.