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The Doctoral Researchers' Group (DRG) is a platform for all doctoral students across all Faculties, who aim to represent the PhD Community. It provides a direct line of engagement and communication between Strathclyde’s postgraduate researchers and the University management committees.

DRG representatives attend the meetings of the Strathclyde Doctoral School Management Board (SDSMB), the Research and Knowledge Exchange Committee (RKEC) and the Research Development Sub-Committe (RDSC).

The group also ensures that the needs of all the PG Reseachers are heard and catered for by the University Managament. 

The DRG focuses on:

  • Promoting cross-Faculty events and training for postgraduate researchers
  • Communicating the interests, successes and constraints of postgraduate researcher life
  • Inputing creative ideas and new approaches to influencing support, training and impact opportunities
  • Establishing peer to peer support frameworks
  • Sharing good practice 
  • Informing institutional policy development

Being a PhD student at the University of Strathclyde makes you an automatic member of this group, and we are always welcoming new members to come along and have their say at our meetings. If you are interested in joining the group, please get in touch.

Doctoral Researchers' Group members come from all Faculties and have a variety of backgrounds, expertise, and interests. 

DRG Structure

The following dagram illutrates the current DRG structure. We have three chairs; the overall chair, a co-chair and an outcoing chair to ensure consitency of support and direction. Seven committees have been established to allow for spread of resource and focus. 

Doctoral School Multidisciplinary Symposium

This conference aims to gather all doctoral students together from the different groups, departments and faculties across the whole university – giving you all the opportunity to showcase your personal research areas to a broad and diverse audience while widening your academic networks and skillsets.

For more information including timelines and abstract submission please visit our Doctoral School Multidisciplinary Symposium page.