Facade of Learning & Teaching building, University of Strathclyde
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New learning & teaching hub

The £60 million Learning & Teaching Building is a collective space for all students and staff, comprising a variety of first-class learning and teaching facilities.

Opened in 2021, this pioneering hub is home to our student support services, Strathclyde Doctoral School and Strathclyde Students’ Union.

Built with a sharp focus on sustainability, the Learning & Teaching Building was created through the refurbishment and integration of two existing buildings – the Colville Building and the Category B-listed Architecture Building. 

Check out what's inside

Signs in the learning and teaching building

Inspirational women

The Learning & Teaching Building honours three prominent women:

  • The Professor Mary Dunn Wing – in honour of the University’s first female professor and Head of Department
  • The Dame Jocelyn Bell-Burnell Wing – in recognition of the renowned Astrophysicist, the first women President of the Royal Society of Edinburgh and of the Institute of Physics
  • The Professor Jackie Kay Plaza - in recognition of the award-winning poet and author who, in 2016, was appointed the new Scots Makar

The names were chosen via a consultation and vote amongst the University’s students and staff.

Professor Sir Jim McDonald, Principal & Vice-Chancellor of Strathclyde, said: "It’s fitting that this important building is named after inspirational people who have made a fantastic impact on the world around them – and I hope it will inspire our future leaders in engineering, science, business, humanities and social sciences, to do the same, whatever career path they choose to follow."

What's inside?

The Learning & Teaching Building brings the majority of our student support services, Strath Union, as well as first-class teaching and learning facilities under one roof. The building has a total of eight levels. Levels 5, 7 & 8 are staff offices. Strathclyde Doctoral School is located on Level 6 and is open to staff and Doctoral students only.  

Roasters on level one of the Learning and Teaching Building

Level 1

Terrace area of the Learning and Teaching building

Level 2

Learning and Teaching building teaching spaces

Level 3

  • Teaching rooms
  • Learning Village 
  • Facilities Management office
  • Lost & Found
  • Grab & Go
  • Microwave facilities
  • Vending machines
Seating area in learning and teaching building

Level 4

Did you know?

Facts about the building:

  • the building has 'bring your own device' technology so you can present your ideas to groups anywhere in the building
  • it was built with sustainability in mind – by re-using fabric from the existing buildings, it’s achieved a 67% carbon reduction on a new build project
  • the building has a green roof to encourage biodiversity
  • In 2022, the building was awarded the category of Higher Education & Campus of the Architects’ Journal (AJ) Retrofit Awards.

Visiting us

The Learning & Teaching Building is located at 49 Richmond Street, Glasgow, G1 1XU. It is at the heart of our campus, overlooking Rottenrow Gardens. The main entrances to the building are:

  • level one to the Dame Jocelyn Bell-Burnell Wing via Richmond Street
  • level one of Strath Union via 51 Richmond Street
  • level three to the Dame Jocelyn Bell-Burnell Wing via 48 North Portland Street
  • level four to the Professor Mary Dunn Wing via Rottenrow

The building is open to staff and students from 7 am to 10 pm, 7 days per week.

Strath Union is located within the Learning & Teaching Building, on Levels 1 & 2. It can be accessed via 51 Richmond Street. Strath Union has various opening hours.