Strathclyde Masters student selected to join healthcare leadership programme

Aerial view of University of Strathclyde campus

A Masters student at the University of Strathclyde has been selected to join a prestigious international healthcare leadership programme.

Dr Dagmawit Gashaw, who is taking an MSc in Digital Health Systems at Strathclyde, is among 79 members of the 2023-2024 cohort for the Healthcare Leadership Academy (HLA) Scholars programme, who have been chosen from applicants from 27 countries.

The programme is designed to inspire the next generation of healthcare professionals and develop their understanding of leadership. It recognises healthcare students and professionals with proven leadership abilities and was formed in response to demand from young clinicians and medical students to learn about leadership.

Dr Dagmawit Gashaw

Dr Gashaw said: “I am thrilled to be accepted by the Scholarship program and I believe, with my HLA Project and help from experts in the HLA team, I could be a good example to my colleagues and inspire others to apply.

“It is an incredible opportunity to be part of the team, acquire great leadership skills from real-time coaches and directors, and contribute to improving the health system in my country.”

HLA Executive Chair Dr George Miller said: “The HLA was set up to nurture, empower and support healthcare workers. It was founded on that simple premise that clinical leaders should be given advancement not based on where they came from, what clinical rank they have achieved, or who they know, but instead according to their strengths and their qualities.

“On behalf of everyone on the programme, we wanted to welcome Dr Gashaw for being accepted as part of this year’s HLA cohort. It is a fantastic achievement to work alongside some of the most highly educated clinicians in the country.”

As part of their role, the scholars are expected to develop a community project over the course of the one-year programme, with previous projects having reached national prominence, winning prizes, publications and presentations at national events, including one at the House of Lords.

Strathclyde’s MSc in Digital Health Systems looks at human, technology and system perspectives in a whole systems approach to transformation of digital health and care. It explores not only the clinical perspective but also social care, third sector and consumer care models.

Students on the Strathclyde course also gain hands-on practical project experience in partnership with leading organisations, including the National Health Service, Scottish Government, industry, third sector, and the Strathclyde-hosted Digital Health & Care Innovation Centre (DHI).

Strathclyde’s Health and Care Futures Initiative, launched in 2020, uses state-of-the-art innovation and expertise in the fields of medicines innovation, health technologies, data analytics and artificial intelligence, and the workforce and leadership, to make an effective and sustained contribution to the future of health and care in the UK and beyond.

Through this, the venture promotes the delivery of new models of care focusing on prevention, and empowering individuals and populations to live as well as possible at home and in their communities.