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Health & Care Futures
  • Meeting the needs of citizens, patients & professionals
  • Interdisciplinary expertise
  • Finding solutions to worldwide health problems
  • Applied courses for healthcare professionals

The University of Strathclyde is a leading technological university and a ‘place of useful learning’. Health & Care Futures will utilise the University's position to make an effective and sustained contribution to the future of health and care in the UK and beyond.

Our aim is to use state-of-the-art innovation and expertise in the fields of medicines innovation, health technologies, data analytics and artificial intelligence, and the workforce and leadership.

Through this, we'll promote the delivery of new models of care focusing on prevention, and empowering individuals and populations to live as well as possible at home and in their communities.

Our vision

Our vision is to support the health and care sector to become fully integrated and data-driven. We'll focus on quality and safety, efficiency, and ensuring the workforce has the necessary skills to respond to the rapidly changing health and care environment.

Health & Care Futures will centre around three main areas:

  • Future Medicines
  • Future Technologies and Data-Driven Health & Care
  • Future Organisation

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