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Student projects supporting local business

Based within Strathclyde, the Enterprise Solutions project works with small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and social impact organisations within the Glasgow City region. 

This free resource can provide knowledge and advice on student projects available across all faculties of the University which could contribute to your business growth ambitions.

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Businesses should:

  • be based within the Glasgow City region
  • be a SME or a social impact organisation
  • be at any stage of the business life cycle from launch onwards
  • have an innovative product or service with the potential to become global leaders in their sector, with particular consideration to:
    • potential to make a global impact
    • potential to change or enhance lives globally
    • potential to change or revolutionise the way people live or do business
  • be open to and aware they will be working with students on a student project
  • understand the student project cannot be utilised to support critical areas of the business. Instead the student project can support other areas of the business life cycle, such as strategic and operational areas

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