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The University of Strathclyde is a leading international technological university and renowned as a 'place of useful learning'. The interdisciplinary HealthTech Cluster, based in the Technology and Innovation Zone in the heart of Glasgow City Innovation District, has collaboration at its heart and a passion for innovation.

We enable the triple-helix of academic research, commercial enterprise and government in a health technology context. Working with our partners, we are using state-of-the-art innovation, profound expertise and a collaborative 'can do' ethos, in the fields of diagnostics and wearables, digital health and AI, advanced rehabilitation and assisted living.

Through this, we are delivering a faster and more reliable diagnosis of infectious diseases as well as empowering patients to home monitor and manage their long-term conditions. This, and the promotion of health and wellbeing through personalised apps, equates to better and lower cost solutions - better for patients and health services whilst providing significant opportunity for the commercial sector.

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We also offer a Health Tech Industrial Doctorate​ programme that enables people working in a research-orientated role the study for a PhD whilst remaining with their employer. Download the flyer to find out more about how the Industrial Doctorate might help to develop your or your employee's research skills and help to grow your company’s expertise.

Strathclyde University Hospitals

The University of Strathclyde, led by Health & Care Futures at Strathclyde, has established strategic partnerships with NHS Lanarkshire and the NHS Golden Jubilee National Hospital in Clydebank resulting in both organisations being awarded Strathclyde University Status.

The University of Strathclyde is the first University to award the Golden Jubilee National Hospital University Hospital status. This highlights the leading role both institutions play in their respective sectors in driving innovation and development. Under the new partnership, the Golden Jubilee will now be called the Golden Jubilee University National Hospital and will work with the University to develop sustainable, innovative and practical solutions to health and social care challenges that will directly benefit NHSScotland’s patients and workforce for years to come.  

The University and NHS Lanarkshire formalised their long-standing collaboration in 2020 with NHS Lanarkshire’s Monklands, Hairmyres and Wishaw Hospitals becoming Strathclyde University Hospitals. The collaboration with NHS Lanarkshire sees the application of multidisciplinary expertise in medicines innovation, future technologies, data analytics, artificial intelligence, leadership and ‘whole systems’ improvement to NHS Lanarkshire’s commitment to high quality and innovative health and social care. 

NHS Golden Jubilee


NHS Lanarkshire

Our Vision

Our vision sees the HealthTech Cluster building on our multidisciplinary research collaborations (national and international) with industry and clinicians currently thriving within the Strathclyde ecosystem. Providing a world-leading Healthtech Cluster we meet current and evolving needs in healthcare technology research, driving further industrial and clinical research activity within the Glasgow City Innovation District for the benefit of the UK, and beyond, in the digital age. 

The HealthTech Cluster will initially centre around three main areas:

  • Diagnostics and Wearables
  • Digital Health and AI
  • Advanced Rehabilitation and Assisted Living 

Additionally, we have established a major consortium project (PharmaPlus 4.0) designed to reduce drug-related healthcare costs and improve patient outcomes through data-driven digital technology.  

The HealthTech Cluster features a Living Lab and promotes citizen science where the public can co-create with researchers (academic, clinical and commercial) in the development, or testing, of new HealthTech concepts. 

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