AlumniDigital Health

Today we’re seeing an increase in multi-morbidity, cancer, diabetes, respiratory disease, and dementia. It is likely that these affect our lives and those close to us every day.

There are new developments in unique digital health solutions that will revolutionise the prevention, management and care of these serious and widespread health conditions.

This is your chance to make a positive difference and improve the lives of those affected.

New technologies like mobile apps, wearable devices and smart homes advance the understanding and application of digital innovation to healthcare needs, in order to empower patients.

Strathclyde’s Digital Health and Wellness Group – led by Professor Roma Maguire – has extensive experience of designing digital tools with and for patients and professionals. These digital tools reduce unnecessary hospital visits by supporting a shift to locally delivered care.

This group is seeking to influence both policy and practice across the NHS, social care and third sectors worldwide.

With your support, we could be doing much more.