Doctor hand touching circle on virtual screen, healthcare and medical background concept

ResearchDigital Health & Wellness Research Group

Developing person-centered and accessible digital health and care solutions that make a difference

We're a world-leading digital health and wellness research group.

We design, develop, implement and evaluate real-world health and care solutions. We're driven by user-centred design and work in partnership with key stakeholders to create smart and connected digital health and care technologies that have a positive impact on individuals, communities, and organisations at scale.

Our key strengths

  • we take a whole system approach to health and wellbeing
  • we have user/patient-centred and led design processes
  • we work with a robust but flexible approach to real-world evaluations of digital health at scale

Strong reputation

We've established a strong reputation for working directly with, and for, patients, their families citizens, industry, and health and social care partners. With an emphasis on strong working relationships, we develop digital health interventions, evaluate interventions, co-design with citizens, translate research for industry contacts, and aid in delivering real health and social care solutions.

We also have expertise in the processes required for successful implementation, routinisation and commercialisation of digital health and wellness interventions, systems of care, products and services.