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EQUIS' fundamental objective is to raise the standard of management education worldwide. Its focus is on all management programmes offered by an institution from a first degree up to the PhD.

EQUIS is intended to provide recognition that the accredited institutions are not only attaining high standards in their national market, but are also credible in the international arena. Institutions accredited by EQUIS must demonstrate not only high general quality in all dimensions of their activities, but also a high degree of internationalisation.

Deans of reputed academic institutions, managing directors and HR directors of major corporations, heads of national professional associations, consultants, and assessment experts form the pool from which the international peer review teams are drawn.

A school initially applies to enter the scheme, and then goes through a preliminary eligibility screening to determine whether there are major obstacles to eventual accreditation and whether accreditation is probable. Once declared eligible, the school carries out a self-assessment. This is submitted and a team of four peer reviewers visits the institution to establish whether it meets EQUIS standards. Their presentation to the awarding body is the deciding factor on accreditation.

EQUIS investigates the school's strategy, quality of resources, faculty, students, student services, programmes, research, the degree of internationalisation, and connections to the corporate world.

Strathclyde was the first school in Scotland to be accredited by EQUIS.

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