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Undergraduate admissions - advance entry

We're happy to consider applications from students who have completed or are currently studying a course at University level and wish to transfer into our degree programme beyond the first year.

A transfer application will be given sympathetic consideration if:

  • you have met our competitive entry standard with your pre-university qualifications
  • you have passed at least one year of a course (or are currently on a course) closely related in standard and content of the degree programme you wish to enter

Each applicant has to be evaluated on an individual basis. Before starting the evaluation we ask applicants to demonstrate their commitment by submitting a UCAS application. In the application you must list:

  • your high school qualifications
  • all post school courses including any started and not completed
  • if you are currently on a University course, any exam results known and a list of those still to be taken
  • work experience if relevant

Once we receive the application, if it's thought that advanced entry is possible, we'll contact you to ask for detailed course outlines (in English) from your University level course. These documents will be forwarded to our academic departments for evaluation against our classes. You'll be advised by UCAS of the outcome. If your application is successful, the UCAS offer will advise on any conditions, the year of entry and the subjects you'll be able to study.

Because the evaluation process does take some time we ask that you submit your application as early as possible in the admissions cycle.

We can consider applications for advanced entry to the following degree programmes:

  • BA Honours in Business
  • BA Honours in International Business

Before submitting an application for transfer entry, you should read through the description of the degree programme which interests you and check the subjects offered are compatible with those of your previous/current course.

General requirements

Year 2

  • Applicants must have fulfilled the competitive entry standard and completed at least one year of a University level course in subjects which allows progression to year two of the degree programme. Generally the previous course needs to include classes equivalent to two of the first year classes offered within our degree programme.
  • For the BA Honours in Business this would be two business subjects.
  • For the BA Honours in International Business this would be a class in management and one other business subject.

Year 3

  • Applications directly into Year 3 will only be considered for those students who are studying linked courses elsewhere, such as the Diploma of Higher Education at the City of Glasgow College which is validated by the University, and certain partnerships. Further information is available from 

Year 4 (Honours year)

  • Applications directly into the Honours year cannot be considered. There's competition for places amongst our own students and not all are successful in securing a place. Because of this, we're unable to consider external applicants.

If your previous education does not fit any of the above you can contact us for some informal advice.

Contact details

 Undergraduate admissions
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 Postgraduate admissions
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