MSc Applied Economics Catriona Reilly

Catriona is a current student on our MSc Applied Economics, read on to find out what she thinks of the course so far...

Prior to starting this course I studied Psychology at the University of Glasgow and was working as a Venue Booker and DJ - bit of change of pace! I chose Applied Economics because I wanted to expand my academic horizons and really engage with an interesting subject in a practical way. I chose Strathclyde primarily due to the reputation of the Business School but also the University’s ties to the Fraser of Allander Institute, and close working relationship with the Scottish Government and other economic institutions.

The range of topics and subject areas is great, it allows you to find out what really interests you and what you might want to pursue in the future. The focus on data, as well as appraisal and modelling techniques prepares you well for working in economics. I really enjoyed the International Development class which looked at the economics of aspects, such as healthcare and education in developing countries.

I'm looking forward to writing my dissertation and getting to research a really interesting topic in-depth, one which I'll hopefully revisit in the future. My long term plan is to undertake a PhD in Development Economics and to use this to help conflict prone developing countries. This course has really helped build up a solid foundation of skills and knowledge to take forward into my future studies.

My advice to a prospective student would be to make the most of the resources, attend guest lectures and get involved with Fraser of Allander Institute research. The University has a lot to offer in terms of social activities and Glasgow is probably one of the most exciting cities to live in with its famous art, music and club scene.

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