MSc Business Analysis & Consulting (January) Minh Thong Trinh

After working for a year in an investment bank, Minh Thong decided to pursue the MSc Business Analysis & Consulting at Strathclyde. Here he tells us what it's like being a postgraduate student at Strathclyde Business School...

What were you doing before the MSc?

Before pursuing the MSc Business Analysis & Consulting, I worked at an investment bank in Vietnam for one year. I took this as an opportunity to learn and delve into the field of banking analysis before pursuing my higher studies. This job has enabled me to apply the theory into real cases, to see the importance of knowing the data insight on the decision making process of a bank.

Students walking past exterior of Strathclyde Business School on Cathedral Street

What made you take the programme at Strathclyde?

The key driver urging me to apply for the Master course in Business Analysis & Consulting at the University of Strathclyde was its prestigious education and its world-renowned research. Along with being ranked at the top in the UK for business, Strathclyde offers a wide range of specialisation modules as part of my course. Thus, I would have the chance to pick the modules that fit best with my interests. I found that there are some intensive modules such as Business Information Systems, Business Analytics and Business Simulation Methods.

What has been your experience of the classes ?

The lectures are interesting and have a combination of theoretical and practical knowledge. Besides the research activities, we have sessions with companies involved, which is an essential part of a consulting course. Although we do not have an apprenticeship in our intake, we still can build networks with the companies.

Glasgow Buchanan Street

What is it like to be a student at Strathclyde and in the city of Glasgow?

I have to say that Glasgow is an amiable city in the UK. People are accommodating and have a great sense of humour. Fortunately, Strathclyde is in the heart of Glasgow city so that students can enjoy Glasgow in the best way.

What advice would you give to prospective students?

Studying in Strathclyde will be one of the milestones in your life, so be prepared for it. As for the course, most of the Master courses in the UK last only one year, and I would suggest prospective students start to focus from the very beginning of the semester. Massive success comes from the good preparations.