Business & Management (MSc) Emma Goldie

Before applying for the MSc Business & Management, I was working at a small, Glasgow-based publishing company. While I hugely enjoyed the work, I was eager to get a postgraduate degree to kickstart my career and advance my prospects. I had previously received an undergraduate degree in Latin from the University of Glasgow, but found that many of the jobs I was applying for were looking for candidates with degrees or experience in business, not arts and humanities.

I was initially attracted to Strathclyde because of the stellar reputation of the Business School. Then, while reading up on the various courses which were available, I felt that the MSc Business & Management offered an excellent opportunity to be introduced to the fundamentals of business, and really unlock my potential.

The general outlook of the course looked like the perfect way to immerse myself in different aspects of business, and gain a thorough and textured understanding of the requirements and challenges currently facing many organisations.

The carefully curated modules very much lived up to the University’s motto ‘The place of useful learning’.

I especially liked the fact that a number of those modules were also classes which form part of the prestigious MBA qualification. I saw this course, and Strathclyde Business School in particular, as the best way to learn what I needed to know to equip me for my future career and to start making connections.

For me, one of the highlights of the course was getting to know my colleagues on the programme. At first, I was worried that my lack of experience in business would prove difficult. But I was delighted to find that many others on the course were coming from similar backgrounds, with arts degrees or having studied linguistics, and were also new to many of the subjects covered. Group work formed a large part of our coursework, and it was an amazing experience to work with others from different backgrounds, with different areas of experience and interests. I felt that this kind of diversity nicely reflected how a professional environment would be similarly made up of colleagues from different departments with different expertise.

As a native of Glasgow myself, I felt incredibly lucky to have such a world-class institution on my doorstep I have always loved the vibrancy and atmosphere of the city, and was happy to find that same atmosphere in miniature at Strathclyde uni. The huge variety of clubs and societies allowed me to discover even more of the city, and get to know more people on different courses. I’m so proud to now be part of the Strathclyde alumni community, and am looking forward to staying in touch with my fellow course mates, lecturers, Strathclyders and admin staff.