Business & Management MBM Frederic Emig

Why Business & Management at Strathclyde? 

I studied psychology in my Bachelor's and wrote about the personality of managers in my thesis. The topic was quite interesting and I wanted to learn more about business in general. After a lot of research, I found out that Glasgow is a great city to live in and the Master in Business & Management (MBM) at Strathclyde Business School (SBS) has a very high reputation. I’ve applied to SBS, received a scholarship and finally got accepted. 

How does it feel to study at SBS?


The spirit and the professionalism, which all staff members and students share, is very special. All people are motivating and your classmates have high goals and give their best to achieve them. You get inspired here. Your classmates come from all over the world and the University is very international. There is no better place than here to expand your network. Strathclyde Union, which is Strathclyde’s Student Association, gives you so many opportunities to participate. There are over 200 clubs and societies you can join. 


You are in the middle of a vibrating city with a lot of well-known international companies. The University of Strathclyde is directly located next to the city centre, which means that all the pubs, shops, restaurants or nightclubs are very near. Strathclyde Business School, the new university gym (Strathclyde Sport) and the library are just next to each other within a radius of 200 meters. That means you can start your day early in the morning with sport, after that just go to the lecture, continue studying in the library and at the end of the day just hang out with your friends at Todd’s Bar, directly on campus. I’ve never experienced such a comfortable and exciting study environment before. 


The classes are very exciting so far. We have to deal with a lot of case studies that are based on real data. Every class is assessed through an exam and group work, which count for 50% of your final mark. Group work is demanding and challenging, but it will develop your personality so much. And after you have finished an assignment successfully, you feel even better as part of a team. The special quality of the MBM is that you gain a very broad business understanding. The degree is very practice-oriented, in particular, the summer project. For this project, you have to work together with a company to address a business or management issue. I want to work as a strategy consultant in the future, but there are so many other opportunities you will have after finishing the degree.

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