Business & Management (MSc) Mrunalini Deshmukh

Before my MSc

Before joining the Master's in Business and Management course, I worked for Capgemini in India. I worked there for three years as a developer in a client-facing role. Afterwards, I took a break year to explore different cultures and visit places I always wanted to travel to.

In my role at Capgemini, I became interested in the business’ operations and management side, and I decided to pursue a Master's to learn business and management concepts. I wanted to join a reputable university, and Strathclyde was an obvious choice. The Business School is triple-accredited and highly ranked in the UK. Also, the prospect of completing a Master's degree in one year made this decision easy for me.

A great course …

The decision to come to the UK for the MSc Business & Management in the middle of the pandemic felt daunting, and I had reservations regarding the lectures and quality of the course. The doubts hazed as we started with the Professional Management Practice module. We started improving our key strengths and working on our weaknesses while working on real company projects. The course is well-curated and gave me an overall understanding of the business management concepts with a mix of academic and industry projects. I developed my business management fundamentals in the course and also enhanced my critical analysis, emotional intelligence, innovation and problem-solving skills.

… delivered by a great team

I especially enjoyed Dr Abdullah Gok's Innovation module as he taught the course using an excellent mix of theory, real-time case study videos, group presentation and quizzes to revise the taught concepts and gauge our understanding. Our course director Dr Kathryn Thory is the most compassionate person, and she made my student journey extremely comfortable. Also, Susan Jackson, our programme administrator, is quick to solve all the queries, and she always had my back whenever I faced issues on the course.

A wealth of extra-curricular opportunities

While studying for my course in Glasgow, I explored my interests through various modules, part-time work, and student society work. These activities have helped me decide my career aspirations, and I have already started applying for my dream jobs. The Strathclyde Careers Service organises fairs and events with potential employers to acquaint students with the application process. The best part of the Careers Service was their weekly email with a list of upcoming events and fairs, which helped me work on my profile alongside my studies.

Being a student at Strathclyde was definitely an excellent experience for me, as I was involved as the Speakers and Curators Manager at TEDxUniversityofStrathclyde, the society of the year in 2020. I got to lead four volunteers and developed my personal and professional skills in this experience. I also organised a professional development workshop for our student community as an Events Director for the Strath Speakers Society.

A great city for students

The University of Strathclyde is in the heart of Glasgow city, so student life is pretty exciting. The city has many cafés and multi-cultural cuisines, which also opens a lot of part-time job opportunities for students. My advice to prospective students would be to find a course that suits their interests and make the most of their student experience by joining student societies, and Strathclyde is a great place to get all this. I would highly recommend the MSc Business & Management to prospective students.