Economics & Finance (MSc)Slawek Dzido

After completing his undergraduate degree, Slawek decided to stay with us at Strathclyde for his Masters in Economics & Finance. Find out what he thinks of studying at Strathclyde...

Before I started my masters, I studied the same subjects at the undergraduate level. The choice felt like a natural extension of what I did before. Given that I studied Economics & Finance at the undergraduate level, I wanted to, first of all, strengthen my prior knowledge and explore the themes already studied in even more detail. Moreover – thanks to several new classes – I sought to develop the in-depth knowledge of the aspects to which I hadn’t been exposed before.

I really enjoyed this year of my life. The content and opportunities throughout the course factually developed my knowledge and had a tangible impact on my life decisions. What is more, even though – or perhaps because – the class sizes were small, I made even more friends than during my undergraduate degree. The mutual help and friendliness felt like an essential part of the experience. 

Strathclyde does feel like a family, even when you’re among people you don’t know.

It seemed natural to continue my education and development in the environment where I felt the support and really friendly atmosphere. This period reassured me that I’d like to stay in academia and at the University of Strathclyde for even longer! The experience and opportunities obtained in the course contributed to my decision to pursue PhD in Economics. 

Economics & Finance constitutes a perfectly blended balance between the core content of both economics and finance. It’s an amazing opportunity particularly for those without prior direct exposure to academic economics or finance. Similarly, it will benefit those who would like to gain a new perspective (e.g. assuming that you studied only one of these subjects before) while maintaining or developing the in-depth knowledge in the prior field. On the other hand, if you feel that you’d prefer to work as an actual economist, Applied Economics at Strathclyde offers even more accurate tools and knowledge in this matter.