Global Energy ManagementLilly Nseula

Lilly, from Malawi, is a graduate of our MSc Global Energy Management. Find out what she thinks of studying at Strathclyde...

After working as work as a sustainability consultant, I decided to take the Global Energy Management course because I wanted to have a broad and deep understanding of the global energy system. But most importantly it was because there are very few women in the Energy sector in my country and I wanted to make an invaluable contribution to what is considered as the male-dominated industry. 

What I liked most was the Energy Forum which enabled us to interact with energy industry experts who had a wealth of industry experience. The course has equipped me with the many invaluable skills that will help me solve complex and emerging issues in the energy sector. I have also been able to acquire analytical skills and learnt more about the techniques that will make me become a competent and effective problem solver than I was before joining the program. 

What I like most about Strathclyde is that it offered me a unique degree offered at one of the most prestigious business schools in Europe, and also suited my desire to enhance both my technical and managerial expertise.

Apart from the taking lectures, I was glad to have gone on different field trips such as Cruachan Hydro Station, The Grid, Hunterston B Nuclear Power Station which I found incredibly enriching. Additionally, I was able to learn more about different cultures, traditions and experiences from most of my classmates who came from different parts of the world.

After graduating, I returned back home to Malawi and have taken the experience that I have acquired in Scotland to grow the renewable energy sector here. My advice to anyone who plans on studying at the University of Strathclyde, I would say that it is worthwhile to explore the rich culture that Scotland offers and also to create links with other people and cultures at your free time.