MSc Economics & Policy of Energy & Climate ChangeShraddha Nair

Shraddha came from India to pursue our MSc Economics & Policy of Energy & Climate Change. Here she tells us about what it's like being a student of Strathclyde Business School...

Why Strathclyde

It has been a great ride since joining the University of Strathclyde in September 2021. Before I joined Strathclyde as a full-time student I was working as an IT consultant with energy and retail sector clients at a multinational company. I wanted to work in the core energy and sustainability sector by focusing on energy management, which drove me to pursue a Masters in the UK. Furthermore, I wanted to focus on the economic and policy aspect of energy and Strathclyde had the course structured exactly to cater for my career goals.

Student life

My experience as a student on the Economics & Policy of Energy & Climate Change course has been a tremendous journey. As an engineering undergraduate, I was worried that I would have a tough time grasping the concept of economic terminologies, but the professors had an amazing way of explaining economic concepts in such a way that any person without an economics background would find it easy to navigate through the modules. The modules ranged from technology-based content to pure economics. The weekly assessments for each module were a mixture of subjective and objective-type questions, providing consistency for students to learn as they progressed through the course. One of the most important skills that I developed was effective writing in academic terms and the importance of referencing content in the field of research. My area of interest has been the policy sector and the art of writing impactful policy briefs and analysing data to interpret the economic meaning have been the two added skills that I developed over time.

For students with an economics background, I would recommend taking interest in different energy technologies in the world (current and upcoming) and understanding the need for an energy transformation to stay motivated in the course. Meanwhile, for those from a technical background, I would recommend taking up electives such as Microeconomics and Games of Strategy to have a completely new outlook on the functionalities of organizations and governments beyond science and technology.

Beyond the classes and modules, Strathclyde is an amazing university with world-class facilities such as a vast library both offline and online, great sports facilities to help students stay physically fit and manage study and work stress, and above all a very fun and supportive student union which is the go-to place for all students for everything from solving queries on anything under the sun or just to catch up with friends for a game and drinks night. Glasgow is just as friendly as any other city in the world with all the facilities right in the city centre and lots of places to suit your mood. Be it a crazy night out or a calm Sunday afternoon at a park. Since Glasgow is home to many world-class universities, it is easy to find pocket-friendly restaurants and shops that have great student deals.

Looking ahead

I wish to eventually become the UN General Secretary and I believe that this course has helped me understand that the economics of a nation goes hand in hand with the policies that are released as regulations and laws in the nation for any sector. Since my areas of focus are energy and climate change with a technical background, I would eventually want to be a policymaker who understands both the scientific and the economic sectors to make effectual decisions in the world.

Words of advice

To all those who plan to choose Strathclyde or Glasgow for your education, all I would say is you will love every minute of it. Between stressful deadlines and conceptual lectures, don’t forget to go out with friends, crack a joke or two with professors (because they are very friendly), and above all breathe in the city and breathe out the stress. Help is always available at the University and in the city in general if you ask for it. You will make it because hard work and sincerity pay in the long run. All the best!