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PGCertEducational Issues & Impact

Why this course?

The PGCert in Educational Issues and Impact will comprise modules that are clearly aligned to enable students to embark on a coherent and cohesive learning journey.

Through integrated approaches to professional learning and a conscious and challenging commitment the course places theory and evidence at the heart of that learning.

The four modules incorporate research, theory and the practical knowledge that emerges in a creatively contextualised way. Students will recognise professional learning progression through the active use of educational theory to inform their understanding of the ways in which learning happens, how it can be organised by teachers and learners, and how research and evidence can inform that learning process.

What you’ll study

Delivery of the modules will take a blended approach. There will be an opportunity for students to attend classes delivered by University of Strathclyde staff in Pakistan at two points in the year, July and January (dates will be confirmed before the end of May).


Students will engage with distance learning resources through Myplace, which will have a dedicated page for each of the PGCert classes. Online resources will support the learning of students and each module will have an explanation of the learning objectives and be populated with reading material, individual and group tasks. Engagement with these activities will be facilitated and monitored through the virtual learning environment.

Course content

Educational Perspectives & Policies

This module will enable appropriate progress toward being able to demonstrate a greater ability to work independently. It will provide knowledge that covers and integrates most, if not all, of the main policies, and theoretical questions and issues raised by the study of education – including its features, boundaries and terminology. Participants will be able to apply in a professional context, a critical understanding of the principal policies, theories, concepts and principles of education in schools.

Principles & Policy in Practice

Principles and Policies in Practice (PPP) is the companion module to Educational Perspectives and Policies (EPP) and shares a focus on critical professional engagement informed by educational research and theory.

Professional Specialisation

Students will apply critical analysis, evaluation and synthesis to forefront issues in school education, through links to the particular area of specialisation. The module will enable participants to critically review, consolidate and extend knowledge, skills, practices and thinking in school education contexts and reflect critically on this in terms of their own personal and professional development.

Professional Project

The project is designed to make a significant contribution to fulfilling the main aims of the course by furthering students’ development of a questioning, self-evaluative and reflective approach to professional practice in a piece of work demanding independent, self-motivated study and the application of research and enquiry skills.

On the basis of critical understanding already developed, students will be expected to exercise their professional judgement to identify, conceptualize, develop and complete a small scale research project investigating a specific topic of their own choosing, which will add to professional knowledge in the chosen area.

Learning & teaching

A variety of learning and teaching approaches will be used on this course including lectures, group work, seminars, self and peer assessment, and independent, collaborative, directed and online study. Lectures by School of Education staff will be supported by related seminars (on campus and online) where students will have the opportunity to undertake relevant complementary activities. Students will be expected to engage in independent reading, research, and study, paired activities, and in group tasks and collaborative working. Student-led activities will also feature as part of the seminar experience.


The final assessment will be based on performance in the examinations where undertaken, coursework, the dissertation where undertaken and, if required, in an oral examination.

Entry requirements

Participants will be teachers employed overseas. Applicants for the programme must be working in an appropriate professional context or have suitable access to an appropriate professional context.


The course will provide participants with a rich, developmental experience and contribute positively to their professional expertise, marketability and thus career trajectory. Students can transfer 60 credits from the PGCert to the MSc Educational Studies.

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Educational Issues and Impact

Qualification: PG Certificate, Start date: Jul 2020, Mode of delivery: attendance, part-time

Educational Issues and Impact

Qualification: PG Certificate, Start date: Jul 2021, Mode of delivery: attendance, part-time

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