AdmissionsFee assessments

Every application to the University will be reviewed and an applicant’s Fee Status will be assessed as part of the admissions process. We have three main Fee Status categories for this – these categories are:

  • Home
  • Rest of the UK (RUK)
  • Overseas

To assess an applicant’s fee status, we look at things like nationality, residency, and many other relevant factors. We then measure this information against guidelines set by UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA).  Their guidelines are based on legislation as set by the Scottish Government. Visit UKCISA for more information, Scotland: fee status.

If we are unable to determine your Fee Status from the information provided on your application, you will be invited to complete a Fee Assessment Form. This invite will be sent to the e-mail address listed on your application. Here you will be asked to provide further information and evidence in order for us to make an assessment of your fees.

UKCISA guidance states, you are ordinarily resident in the relevant residence area if you have habitually, normally, and lawfully resided in that area from choice. If you can evidence that your leave from the UK was on a temporary basis and prove that you maintained a habitual way of life in the UK whilst living abroad, then the temporary absence would not stop you being ordinarily resident there.