MSc International ManagementRostyslav Sergiyenko

As an international student from Ukraine, I was looking for an optimal choice for my postgraduate education in terms of student life and academic excellence of the university. University of Strathclyde Business School has attracted my attention after several recommendations from alumni. Everyone who graduated from this Business School has an ultimate desire to develop themselves continuously and achieve more in life. It was this factor which narrowed my choice down to only one specific business school. Strathclyde Business School is triple accredited and can be characterised as a top business school in Scotland.

The people who teach here are not only excellent academics, but professionals with outstanding experience, and they will make sure your time here is unforgettable. Every professor is genuinely interested in their subject and in building your core strengths and raise future 'Strathclyders'.

As a student, be ready to face many challenges in one year, but only in the middle of your road, can you potentially see how your skills are developing and how you possibly can apply all of them in your career. The whole program is very well structured. A team of administrators, the course director, class representatives, University Union Representatives, and many others are working hard to improve students' experience with extreme dedication every single day. The campus is beautiful and comfortable enough for spending the whole day there. Plenty of cafes, the gym, the library and many other facilities will allow you to concentrate not only on your learning and group work but also on your social life and a healthy lifestyle.

You will meet a lot of bright minds here from all around the globe.

Prepare to study hard from day 1. MSc International Management is a postgraduate program and will require full dedication from you. The program is designed for students who recently graduated or have 1-2 years of work experience. The program is balancing between practice and theoretical knowledge in the field of management and other business areas. In every new module, you can apply everything you learnt in previous modules, and this catalyses your learning experience and lets you continuously reflect on your learning path. Doing a Master degree in International Management implies that you will have several classes designed for your studies such as 'Managing Across Cultures' and 'Global Business Environment'. Your first class will be 'Professional Management Practice' which runs throughout the program. In this module, you will learn about yourself as a manager more than you could imagine. Your personal development is at the centre of this class. At the end of this module, you will be prepared for job interviews from all around the world, simply because you spent almost one year on structured self-reflection on your academic and vocational activities. Another fundamental class is 'Consulting in Practice'. This module is taught at the end of your program. In this module, you will work with a real client in a group, and you will have a chance to demonstrate all the expertise you have accumulated during your studies at Strathclyde.

What I enjoyed the most during my studies here was that you can personalise your studies with the two electives and your topic of the final project (dissertation). I personally enjoyed studying the 'Managing People in Organisation' module and decided to take two electives which would enhance my knowledge in the HR field. My final project is also based on Cross-Cultural Management and Human Resource Development. This combination of general management subjects, international management subjects, and HR subjects made my education very specialised. You can choose from several electives and learn what you like from Brand Management to Big Data in Management. As a result, you will have an excellent experience only if you are determined to take all the opportunities. Strathclyde is the place of useful learning. Keep that in mind and be prepared to work hard for your best future.

Your life in Scotland can be one of the best experiences in your life, especially if you are an international student. The bonds with your friends and classmates here will be with you throughout your life. Your experience will be exceptional if, and only, if you are ready for challenges and have full-time dedication to your education and personal development.