Sofia Boschetti

Sofia Boschetti is a student from Italy, studying for her MSc in International Management. Sofia recently joined Goldman Sachs as a New Analyst in the Equity Trading Services Division in Warsaw.

Before starting the MSc in International Management at Strathclyde, I graduated with an undergraduate degree in business and economics. I completed that course by studying in Italy, Brazil, Portugal, Argentina, and Canada. My desire to explore my limits led me to continue my studies abroad and apply to top ranking universities.

Strathclyde cares

I strongly believe in sharing personal experiences and information. So, while I was completing my undergraduate degree in Italy, and a friend of mine told me about his experience at Strathclyde, I knew I had to do some research into the courses they offered.

Glasgow cityscape

I had never been to Scotland, and many of my friends told me how friendly and fascinating this country was.

I decided to do some more research, and what impressed me from the very beginning was the attention and care that Strathclyde has towards its students. The University is committed to diversity and inclusion, it actively supports the student associations and events, and invests in its campus, like the brand-new gym, the 24 hour library, and much more. So. I decided to continue my studies at Strathclyde by enrolling in the MSc in International Management.

Invest in your career

If you're passionate about different cultures and, at the same time, willing to invest in your professional career, the MSc in International Management is the course for you.

The professors motivate you to engage in as many activities as possible, and to explore your inner talents and skills. 'Professional Management Practice' was a key class which pushed me to spend most of my spare time doing job applications in the first few weeks of the course. This helped me get a full-time position with Goldman Sachs!

Strathclyde Business School building

Countless opportunities

Strathclyde offers countless opportunities to engage and discuss in networking activities, and these are fundamental to enrich your academic career and build up a strong CV.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, both the University and the professors proved to be extremely flexible towards the students’ needs, and made sure everyone was on track with all the classes we were attending remotely.

My advice to any incoming students is to enjoy the MSc in International Management at its best.

Italian student Sofia-Boschetti smiling at the camera

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