International Marketing (MSc)Sophie Innes

Choosing International Marketing at Strathclyde

Before beginning the MSc in International Marketing, I studied BA Business at the University of the West of Scotland. I loved studying business and getting a taste of all the different aspects, however I knew marketing was the area I was most passionate about and I was keen to pursue this further. Furthermore, my undergraduate course did not have a lot of international elements, which was also an area I wanted to learn more about.

After attending at open day at Strathclyde, collecting brochures and details on each course, International Marketing was the most appealing to me and I was keen to apply. I chose Strathclyde as the University’s reputation is stellar, with a Business School which is triple-accredited and offers a multitude of industry links. I had always heard about how exceptional the Business School at Strathclyde was and knew this was the university I had to do my postgraduate degree at.

Online learning

Although my time at Strathclyde has been fully virtual, I do not believe this has taken away from the quality or content of the lectures and tutorials. Throughout the first and second semester, the lectures covered a whole host of topics, with a diverse and broad range of concepts and ideas discussed. Although the academic staff were not able to meet us in person, the classes were extremely engaging, and were as interactive as possible.

My communication and presentation skills have majorly developed throughout the course, in addition to adapting to work and learn in a completely different way. I was initially apprehensive about completing my degree virtually, however I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Strathclyde.

"The staff have all been incredibly supportive" The staff have all been incredibly supportive and it is clear they have a real passion for the subjects they teach. Furthermore, a selection of the classes provided examples of real businesses and provided us with knowledge and experience of how to work with clients and companies, showcasing what an organisation needs and is looking for from a marketing specialist. Although we were never able to attend classes in person, I was able to meet up with a handful of students on my course whenever the Government restrictions allowed it, which was a great experience to meet new people face to face.

One of my favourite classes on the International Marketing course was Cross-Cultural Buyer Behaviour. I looked forward to this class every week, as the topics were all extremely relevant and interesting. The lecturer used contemporary examples to illustrate points which made the concepts easy to understand and created a fun atmosphere. Although all the students were separate in their own homes, we took part in group work every week, giving us a chance to interact with other students. I gained an abundance of knowledge from this class, with the lecturers pushing the students to get the most out of the sessions, ensuring the learning experience was not only surface level.

Being a student at Strathclyde and in Glasgow

The McLennan Arch at the entrance to Glasgow Greem, with cherry blossom trees in bloom

Being born in Scotland and having grown up just outside Glasgow, I can confidently say that it is an incredible city. The term ‘People Make Glasgow’ could not be more true as everyone will make you feel right at home.

Strathclyde is situated directly in the centre of the city, offering countless parks, restaurants, bars, museums and activities in the surrounding area. Being a student at Strathclyde opens you up to a range of new cultures and experiences, providing the opportunity to meet people from all over the world.

My advice to prospective students would be to enjoy it. A postgraduate degree is challenging and requires a lot of focus and hard work; however, it is also incredibly rewarding.

My time at Strathclyde has gone by in a flash, and sometimes I had to remind myself to take a breath and enjoy all the new and incredible things I was learning about. If the opportunity presents itself, take part in all that Strathclyde has to offer, whether this be by joining new clubs or reaching out to other students. The University offers various different facilities to engage with, from the spectacular sports centre and student union, to a fantastic library and careers service.