Investment & Finance (MSc)Ann Issac

Before joining MSc Investment & Finance programme at Strathclyde, I worked with a multinational bank for three years. Being in the financial services industry I developed an interest to deepen my knowledge in finance and investment and build on my existing skills, which drove me to pursue a postgraduate degree.

In my quest to find a university for my postgraduate study, Strathclyde came across as the right choice mainly for the reason that it is one of the top-rated schools for finance and maintains an impressive record for research quality, student satisfaction and career prospects.

The MSc Investment & Finance programme at Strathclyde Business School offers an in-depth understanding of the subject and helps you develop the essential skillset for a successful career in the industry. The course structure combines research-oriented aspects as well as industry-focused elements such as Bloomberg certifications and market simulation exercises providing flexibility in the career aspirations of the students. This has worked favourably for me as I developed a strong interest in research while in the programme.

The classes are offered through a combination of lectures and workshops making the learning process very effective. The lectures include relevant discussions on the most recent market developments in the subject area. 

As for the long terms career plans, I hope to be in a research intensive, impactful role in the financial services industry and my choice to pursue the MSc programme has been a vital step towards it.

Something particularly commendable about Strathclyde is that it has a strong student support system in place.

The lecturers and support staff are friendly, approachable and supportive at all times and very responsive to student feedback. Besides the good learning atmosphere, students also get to enjoy great facilities on the campus including a remarkable fitness centre, an extensive number of clubs and societies, a vibrant Student Union and more. I enjoyed my time engaging in community service initiatives and meeting new friends at the Strathclyde Catholic Society.

It has been impressive to see how Strathclyde has supported students through best possible alternatives in a timely manner during the COVID 19 crisis, despite the prevailing uncertainties.

The location of the campus in the centre of Glasgow city adds to the convenience of student life, with all necessities available in close proximity. Glasgow is a very vibrant and student friendly city and is quite a treat especially around the time of Christmas. Visiting other exciting tourist destinations around Scotland has also been a great pleasure during my stay here.

My advice to prospective students is that Strathclyde offers a great learning experience and while you are here, have an open mind and get the best of every opportunity that comes your way.