Quantitative Finance (MSc) Tran Ha Dung

Vietnamese student Tran Ha Dang has recently completed an MSc in Quantitative Finance at Strathclyde. During her studies she represented Strathclyde at the prestigious International Quant Championship, reaching the final stage in Singapore. She has since been offered a full-time offer from Worldquant LLC to be a Websim Researcher. Find out below what Tran Ha Dang enjoyed most about life at Strathclyde and Glasgow.

Why did you choose to study at Strathclyde?

The University of Strathclyde often rank tops in terms of accounting and finance courses.

Why did you choose the MSc in Quantitative Finance?

The course has exactly what I was looking for, equipping myself with knowledge in finance, math, computer sciences as well as a quantitative set of skills to become a future quant. I carefully read all the information about the course in the University website and also asked for a detailed syllabus. After researching, I found the course really suited me, so I signed up to it.

How did you find the application process?

It was very fast and easy.

What did you enjoy about living in Glasgow?

Glasgow is a very peaceful city in my eyes where I really miss whenever I am away. Though it is very windy and cold during the winter, the autumn, the spring and the summer are very beautiful. I really enjoyed the department trip to a burn where I was literally in the middle of a vast yellow forest. I also love sunny days with sunshine and flowers blooming everywhere.

Now that I'm back in Vietnam, I really miss Glasgow.

What's the best thing about uni life at Strathclyde?

It’s the feeling of being supported, encouraged and helped. Professors, doctors and university staff are very helpful and approachable. Whenever I had any problems, both personally and academically, I could ask them for help.

Though I was far away from home, I didn't get lonely at all. I had a wonderful year at Strathclyde."

What advice would you give to a student thinking of coming to Strathclyde?

Don’t hesitate to talk to people about anything that concerns you. They are very friendly and very willing to answer your questions and help you with all your problems (if any) at the University.