International Business (BA)Daniel Crawley

What made you take the programme? Why Choose Strathclyde?

It was a straightforward decision to study International Business at Strathclyde Business School. It lives up to its excellent reputation and it has fantastic opportunities to study abroad at partner universities. I chose to study International Business because in an ever-globalising world, it is increasingly important to understand international perspectives and the global business environment. The career prospects also set the Business School apart from other Scottish universities.

What has been your experience of the classes?

The International Business programme offers the opportunity to study a wide range of courses. It allowed me to broaden my business understanding before deciding to specialise in management later in my university career.

I found the classes interactive and stimulating. Activities varied from team-based projects, online learning, report writing to individual assignments. The variety of work meant that I was able to develop my teamwork and communication skills, as well as independent thinking, critical analysis and problem-solving. It taught me how to balance my workload and manage my time effectively.

The lecturers allow for open discussion and encourage you to consider different perspectives. They are also very approachable and are keen to offer their advice, ideas, and experience.

Where do you see the course in fitting into your longer aspirations for study/career in the future?

The International Business programme has allowed me to work towards my long-term ambitions. My desire to live, learn and work abroad have all been made possible through my experience on this programme.

Strathclyde gave me the opportunity to study on exchange in both Austria and Germany at highly ranked international business schools. I studied German, built an international business network and learned different business perspectives, ultimately developing my interpersonal, academic and practical skills.

Only a few months after graduation, I find myself working and studying abroad.

The International Business programme has given me a foundation to move to the Netherlands to study management consulting and intern with Philips at their Amsterdam office. This would not have been possible without the opportunities that Strathclyde offer; this course has provided me with the tools to make this possible.

Is there anything you would especially recommend about the course/classes?

I fully recommend the course as one that is highly reputable with employers. The course is well-respected among organisations such as Proctor & Gamble, Ernst & Young and Morgan Stanley. This allows for a much smoother transition into employment for many students.

What is it like to be a student at Strathclyde and in the city of Glasgow?

Despite having had a student experience in Amsterdam, Koblenz, and Vienna, being a student in Glasgow is incomparable. The state-of-the-art facilities at the Business School and new university gymnasium makes for a comfortable and exciting place to study. Being in a vibrant and fun city makes the student experience ever more exciting. Glasgow has a lot to offer; ranging from its vibrant nightlife, historic football clubs and array of student activities to make the student experience at Strathclyde one to remember.

What advice would you give to prospective students?

Strathclyde Business School is internationally renowned, with roots firmly in the heart of Scottish business and learning. This degree programme offers students international opportunities, a wide business network, and practical learning tools to have a successful career with endless possibilities.