International BusinessNairn Peat

What made you take the programme? Why choose Strathclyde?

I chose to study at Strathclyde due to its outstanding reputation as a triple-accredited business school. Growing up in a small coastal town I knew I was ready for a challenge. By selecting the International Business programme at Strathclyde I perceived I would benefit from not only the wide variety of classes on offer but also the opportunity to study in Glasgow and later abroad.

What has been your experience of the classes?

Having the opportunity to select various principal business classes in first year provided me with the freedom to experience key areas of the world of business. After my first year I was then able to narrow down exactly which path I wanted to take within international business. The teaching team in the Business School were always on hand to help with anything I needed. They provided opportunities for students with real life companies that would assign us tasks to give us real world experience that was relevant to our studies. I also served six semesters as a class representative. This gave me the opportunity to provide feedback to the teaching team, which improved the student experience. At Strathclyde there is always an opportunity to learn for both students and the teaching team.

I have had the best time at Strathclyde, and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to obtain a degree in an environment that has not only been extremely supportive, but also filled with so much fun.

Students walking past exterior of Strathclyde Business School on Cathedral Street

A key component of the International Business degree at Strathclyde is the opportunity to study abroad. In my third year I had the opportunity to be Strathclyde’s first student to study in Thailand at Mahidol University International College. Having mandatory time abroad pushed me to step out of my comfort zone. The classes I undertook in Thailand were challenging, but overall provided me with essential experience in the world of international business.

Having the opportunity to engage with new people and a whole different learning culture equipped me with essential communication and teamwork skills that I would not have received as part of any other degree. It also provided me with friends and connections all over the world.

Where do you see the course in fitting into your longer aspirations for study/career in the future?

Studying the International Business course at Strathclyde has given me various opportunities as a student that I believe will hold relevant to a future career in business of my choice. The opportunity to study marketing electives pushed me to apply to various student brand ambassador roles on campus where I have represented large multinational companies such as Amazon and Jägermeister. These roles helped grow my experience which has now led to my current role as a luxury content specialist for one of the world’s largest whisky brands.

The course at Strathclyde is what you make it and there are always opportunities to get involved with real world companies and activities that extend out with the classroom environment.

Is there anything you would especially recommend about the course/classes?

I would recommend undertaking the classes that you have an interest in. This will make it easier to engage with the course and provides you with the best opportunity for success. Undertaking classes in hospitality and tourism department kept me passionate about my degree, as every project provided me with a learning experience that I was genuinely interested in. Whether it was analysing the marketing behind Malibu beach or investigating the commodification of Chernobyl, there was always something new to learn by studying an industry that evolves every day.

What advice would you give to prospective students?

I advise future students to have fun with their university experience and to get involved both within and out with the classroom. Socialise and go out, but also remember to attend your classes. From day one teaching staff at Strathclyde preached that success at university requires a balance between study and fun. I can say four years later that they were right.