International Business with a Modern LanguageOlivia Ford

What made you take the programme? Why did you choose Strathclyde?

I always wanted to study an engaging subject with positive career opportunities. With my knowledge and interest of both business management and French, the Masters in International Business with a Modern Language stood out due to the integration of both disciplines and the skills it would provide me for a career in business.

When considering where I wanted to study, Strathclyde was my top choice for various reasons. Firstly being that it is the top business school in Scotland, with an excellent reputation within the business world. Additionally, after visiting during an open day, I believed the student life would be great due to everything being on campus and its close proximity to Glasgow city centre. Finally, I chose Strathclyde for its community and supportive culture.

What has been your experience of the classes?

I have experienced my classes through a number of different settings from large lectures, tutorials, and group work to individual assignments. Assessment is often a mixture of assignments and exams for the business topics and oral and writing exams for French or Spanish. I find I have been provided with a strong knowledge of theory on various and relevant business topics. I have improved my collaboration, teamwork, and presentation skills through group assignments. Furthermore, over my time at Strathclyde, and especially due to the exchange year, my language skills are now advanced enough for business settings.

How does the course fit into your longer aspirations for study/career in the future? 

The course has prepared me for my long-term career aspirations through teaching valuable workplace skills such as presenting and teamwork. Additionally, I have language capabilities that aid my aspirations to work abroad.

Is there anything you would especially recommend about the course/classes?

The year abroad that you have in 4th year has been a particular highlight of my degree. I spent a year studying at a prestigious business school in Nantes, France and found it was especially valuable in advancing my language skills and understanding of living/working in a different culture. I also met people from across the world and now have an expanded network that will be useful following university.  

What is it like to be a student at Strathclyde and in the city of Glasgow?

I’ve really enjoyed my time as a student at Strathclyde. I’ve made lifelong friends and learnt a lot both in my studies and through societies. There’s so much to get involved in and try at Strathclyde; I was president of Women in Leadership Network and the International Business with a Modern Language Society which both gave me a sense of community, and got me through university during lockdown. The University is also willing to work with students and improve our experience. I was able to start a mental health peer support group for students with the support of the Disability & Wellbeing Service.