Marketing (BA)Holly MacDonald

I chose to study at Strathclyde because I found their business course to be unique in the way that it challenges your strengths. I knew that I wanted to get into the creative side of business, hence my interest in marketing.

The opportunity to undertake my marketing degree alongside other subjects, such as entrepreneurship and economics, provided me with a much broader view of the business world and ultimately allowed me to question marketing theory from a different perspective. The ability to customise your degree by gradually focusing your studies each year allows you to develop a strong set of skills that naturally carries through into your chosen career.

The best part of the marketing course was the opportunity to apply theory to real-life examples. Throughout my degree, I was lucky to work on assignments for companies such as Barclays, Macdonald Hotels and the Scottish Event Campus, which helped to contextualise my learnings and network at the same time. Undertaking an assignment with Tennent Caledonian Breweries in my final year allowed me to showcase everything I had learned to date and resulted in a graduate position in their Marketing team.

Opportunity at Strathclyde isn’t limited to your course. I continued to live at home while undertaking my degree and worried that I would miss out on the student experience, but I shouldn’t have. There is always something going on in Glasgow, whether it’s gigs, pub crawls or even late nights in the library; there’s plenty to do before the last train home. I didn’t know anyone on the business course at first and found the class size to be a little daunting, but Strathclyde offers many opportunities to meet people and share these experiences with. My advice would be to get as involved as possible.