BSc Physics Ella Ji

I’m currently in the 4th year of my Physics BSc degree and I enjoy reading, singing and doing exercise. I have thoroughly enjoyed my study experience here so far and have also loved my time in Glasgow. Strathclyde has many knowledgeable professors and advanced labs which I have been working in over the past 1.5 years.

Why did you choose to study at Strathclyde?

I chose to study Physics at Strathclyde due to the partnership with SNU, my previous university in China.  Through studying physics at the University of Strathclyde, I am learning from leading academics in their field. Strathclyde offers the knowledge and core skills in mathematics and physics which I wanted to develop. It also can help me become a successful physicist and maximise my career options.

What do you think about the University?

Strathclyde is a multi-award-winning university. It has a flexible, innovative learning environment, where I enjoy a first-class experience. The teachers and the staff are very kind to us. Each year, a lot of students from different countries come to Strathclyde to study so we have a multi-cultural experience.

Why did you choose to study Physics?

Because studying physics helps me to problem solve and understand the world around us. Physics is very interesting and practical.  What’s more, Physics is accredited by the Institute of Physics so it meets the educational requirement for Chartered Physicist. Well-qualified students also have the opportunity of the summer research projects offered by the University’s competitive research internship scheme.

I like Physics experiments best. The course is very practical, so I've had the chance to do a lot of the actual experimental work.  Training in laboratories is complemented by a research project carried out in an up-to-date research lab, attached to one of the department’s research groups. This allows me to benefit from our lively and diverse research environment.

What are you getting out of it?

There are a lot of great resources material taught by lecturers who research in that area. Although some courses are challenging for me, I still enjoy them with the help of many patient and understanding professors.  I have achieved critical thinking and improved my ability to deal with Physics problems and life matters as well.

What would you say to anyone considering coming to study at Strathclyde?

Strathclyde is consistently highly ranked for many different subjects. And you will have full support to help enhance your experience. The course was a perfect match for what I am hoping to do. I've been studying for nearly one and half years now and I couldn't be more impressed with the education or the staff in the Physics department.

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