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Research Interns@Strathclyde

The goal of Research Interns@Strathclyde (RI@S) is to provide direct experience in the research environment for undergraduates who might be considering a career in academia.  The RI@S programme provides students with hands on insight into the breadth of opportunity in research and contributes to supporting a research informed education.  Along with similar discipline-led internship initiatives, the RI@S programme aligns with our strategic priority of increasing our postgraduate population. 

  • Number of scholarships Up to 20
  • Value £1350 (6 weeks) or £1800 (8 weeks)
  • Opens 20 February 2018
  • Deadline 9 April 2018
  • Help with Internship, work placement or project costs
  • Duration 6 or 8 weeks


The programme is aimed at 3rd year undergraduate students (including international students) of the University of Strathclyde.  Students in the 4th year of an integrated masters' degree are also eligible for this award.

Students who have already completed their undergraduate studies or who are in their final year of study are not eligible to apply.

Incoming ERASMUS/exchange students are also not eligible as they cannot participate in the whole programme due to the limited time they spend in the University.  This does not apply to outgoing Strathclyde students.

It is at the department's discretion whether or not a student can re-apply for RI@S.

Students may apply for more than one internship but supervisors must ensure that only one award is taken up.  Candidates should be encouraged to apply for the Carnegie Undergraduate Vacation Scholarships given their prestige and if successful make this their first choice.   

Project Details

The research activity in which Strathclyde undergraduates will be involved must constitute an independent, self-contained programme of enquiry that has its own specified aims and objectives.  It might, where relevant, form part of a larger programme of work in which the student, the department or research group is engaged.  Additionally, the research could be undertaken in local and regional organisations, businesses and community agencies and development projects with which the department or student has links.  Any type of research activity that is normally conducted within the faculties will be considered for support and sponsorship.  All research that is conducted, on or off campus, will be subject to relevant legislation and regulations, including ethical approval, health and safety requirements, risk analysis and the University policy on academic misconduct.  

The RI@S funding cannot be used to support research that forms part of a credit bearing programme.  While the experience should benefit a student's studies, the actual work explicitly must not be part of any undergraduate degree programme.  The outcome of the internship in terms of data should not directly contribute to final year honours work.  

Where an external partner (private, public or charitable organisation) is involved, a contribution to the funding of the internship should be sought. 

Further Information

Students will be notified of the outcome of their application in the week commencing 21 May 2018.

How to apply


There are 2 separate forms.  The Project Nomination Form submitted by the supervisor, and the Application Form which should then be submitted by the student.


Step 1: the supervisor initiates the application process by completing and submitting an online (via Sharepoint) Project Nomination Form.

Step 2: the student will receive an email with a link to allow the completion and submission of the corresponding Application Form.     

Students and supervisors should be aware that the Selection Panel will give equal consideration to all 3 elements of the application process:

1. Value of the project proposal

2. Academic standard of student nominated

3. Responses to motivation and competency questions