Our current pre-commercial project portfolio


  • Wound hydration monitor
  • Insulin-like growth factor binding protein-5 as a biomarker for detection of early liver disease
  • Rapid transdermal transport for drug delivery or diagnostics
  • An intelligent stent
  • Ultrasound guidance for interventional clinical techniques
  • Microscale ultrasonic arrays for high resolution imaging
  • Development of point of care genotyping device for personalised medicine applications
  • Development of integrated optical & ultrasound detection system for erosion & caries diagnosis in dental tissue
  • Detection of obstructive sleep apnea episodes using advanced DSP techniques and their termination using novel stimulation methods
  • New molecular constructs for the magnetic resonance imaging of tumours
  • Point of care diagnostics: markers for cardiac disease
  • A wound monitor for infection
  • Experimental and theoretical investigation of oxygen transfer in novel medical devices

Drug delivery

  • A novel drug-eluting stent for treatment of myocardial ischaemia
  • The effect of pulsed electric field on the cellular macromolecules to be used in a drug delivery system
  • Development of drug/vaccine formulations targeting the lung
  • Transdermal extraction and delivery device for skin repair
  • Development of a smart bandage

Cell/tissue engineering & biomaterials

  • The application of a pulsed electric field to eliminate bacteria from biomatrices to be used as scaffolds for maintaining mammalian cells
  • Investigation of plasticisers migration & extraction in medical grade PVC
  • Engineering imprinted polymers for a blood purification device
  • Dynamic in-vitro model of the artery wall: monitoring cell-biomaterial interactions in real time
  • Manipulating the mechanical strength and biological stability of collagen based scaffolds for tissue engineering
  • Disinfection of medical devices and wounds by a light-based technology
  • Physical and mathematical modelling of the synovial joint and cartilage repair products

Cardiovascular devices

  • Development of integrated miniaturised ECMO technology for use in paediatric cardiopulmonary support
  • Development of integrated portable adsorbent technology for emergency/military applications

Neuroprosthetics/brain computer interface

  • Real time dipole reconstruction for use in Brain Computer Interface Control
  • Electrocardiagram simulation by optimised parametric modelling
  • Virtual robotic arm simulation for brain computer interface evaluation and user training
  • Combating cortical hypofrontality by stimulating the limbic system: Implications for treatment of schizophrenia
  • Imaging cortical plasticity in spinal cord injury and its relation to rehabilitation and brain computer interface development
  • A virtual reality wheelchair simulator for use in brain computer interface development and testing


  • Development of a device for the characterisation of the biomechanical properties of amputees residual limbs
  • How are the load transfer characteristics of the wrist joint disrupted by arthroplasty?
  • Design and development of a modular trans-tibial prosthetic system for non-industrialised countries
  • Identification and assessment of novel applications of miniature long-term monitoring devices in a rehabilitation context
  • Development of a biomechanical model of a trans-tibial amputees residual limb/prosthetic socket system
  • Development of modular, user adjustable, seating system for people with severe restrictions of movement
  • Investigation of the load transfer characteristics of ankle foot orthosis
  • Development of a self aligning ankle unit for lower limb prostheses
  • Development of a 3D force distribution measurement device