Civil & Environmental EngineeringHigh-capacity tensiometer

The high-capacity tensiometer is used for soil and plant suction measurement.


Matric suction measurement is carried out using a high-capacity tensiometer, which consists of a water reservoir, a high air-entry ceramic disk (1.5 MPa) and an integral strain-gauged diaphragm. The ceramic disk is initially saturated under vacuum and conditioned by applying a high positive pressure (4 MPa).

The tensiometer is calibrated in the positive range 0-1500 kPa and the calibration curve is extrapolated into the negative range.

The high-capacity tensiometer is capable of measuring negative pore-water pressure down to 1.5-2 MPa. An example of measurement using two high-capacity tensiometers placed simultaneously on the same sample is shown in the figure.

Access arrangements

We can test your samples and provide a file of the gathered data. Those wishing to carry out the measurement themselves can be given access following proper technical and health and safety training.