ERASMUS - outgoing students

About ERASMUS+/International Exchange

The information below is provided for Strathclyde students who wish to spend either a year or a semester on ERASMUS+ (either 3rd or 5th year) or International Exchange (3rd year only). 

When can I go? 

3rd year - For the whole year, or semester 2 only (or Semester 1 only if required). 

5th year - Semester 2 only. For some destinations exchange in semester 1 may be preferable – discuss with the Departmental Exchange Coordinator.

Where can I go? 

All the Erasmus+ destinations below provide classes or project supervision in English in the years listed. If you have high-level language skills (B1 and above on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) in French, Spanish, Portuguese, German or Italian there may be more possibilities (speak to the Departmental Exchange Coordinator). Fees are waived and there are grants available to cover some of the additional cost of exchange (e.g. flights) but going on exchange may cost more than studying at Strathclyde. Please see the Erasmus+ page for more details.

There are also possibilities for International Exchange beyond Europe to English-speaking universities (e.g. USA and Australia) in Year 3 but for this, costs (travel and living expenses) must be met by the student (tuition fees are waived). Please see the International exchange page for possible destinations (note that not all partner universities have classes in civil and environmental engineering).





Technical University of Ostrava (VSB)


Czech Republic

Both 3 and 5

Czech Technical University(CVUT)


Czech Republic

Both 3 and 5

Tampere University of Technology (TUT)



Both 3 and 5

Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest (UTCB)



Both 3 and 5

Middle East Technical University (METU)



Both 3 and 5

Management Centre Innsbruck (MCI)



Only 5

University of Iceland (HI)



Only 5

University of Brescia (UNIBS)



Only 5

University of Trento (UNITN)



Only 5

Instituto Superior Técnico (IST)



Only 5 (exchange during semester 1 may be preferred)

Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV)



Only 5


Am I eligible?

To be considered for exchange, you should have at least a 65% average mark in your degree to date (with no failures of any class on the first attempt), and you must have at least a 60% average mark for every year of your studies. If you have failed any class on the first attempt, your eligibility will be decided on the discretion of the department.

Higher averages are generally required for international exchange and for some Erasmus+ destinations as places are limited). You should not have any outstanding classes in any previous year. 

If going abroad in year 3 you should select classes in your destination university that match our year 3 curriculum as close as possible. In year 5 you have more flexibility but your class selections should be appropriate for the final year of a MEng civil (and environmental) engineering degree. It is possible to go abroad twice during your degree.

Your time abroad will accumulate credits towards your degree if you pass the chosen classes (60 Strathclyde credits for one semester and 120 for a full year) but the marks will not be used to calculate your degree grade (the semesters you spend at Strathclyde will contribute more).

How can I apply?

Information is available online as well as on the Myplace pages International Exchange and Erasmus+. If you still have questions after consulting these pages please contact the Exchange Co-ordinator in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Dr Stephen Suryasentana for more information. 

The deadline for applications is mid January for international exchange and Erasmus+ exchange. Note that you must apply in the previous academic year to be considered for exchange (i.e. in 2nd year for exchange in 3rd year, and 4th year for exchange in 5th year).