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Civil & Environmental EngineeringICE Student President

We encourage our students to join professional organisations and play an active role in the department so why no join the race for Student President for the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE)?

Their guiding principle of ICE this inspirational quote:

If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.

Isaac Newton 

Students select six former ICE Presidential Addresses (two from 19th century, two from 20th century & two from the 21st century) and use these as a catalyst for the preparation of their own ICE Strathclyde Student President address.

In 2012, Professor Barry Clarke became the 148th engineer to lead the Institution. In his own speech he noted the significance of the former addresses as representing a body of knowledge worthy of study. He said:

If we went to the library and looked at all the Presidential Addresses held there, we’d not only read of the development of engineering but also the development of society as our forbears dealt with the issues of their day. This makes the addresses more than just a great tradition. It’s living history.

Selecting the Student President

Each year, five second year students with the highest % mark for their coursework,  are given the opportunity to deliver their address to an audience of new first year students.

After presentations are complete, first year students vote for their preferred candidate. 

Selection criteria is based on:

  • confidence in delivery and communication
  • visionary ideas towards 2050
  • quality of text & graphics on the slides presentation

2014/15 President

The current Student President is Aaron Wyllie. Finalists were:

  • Rohan Beyts
  • Craig Hamilton
  • Ryan Kearns
  • Michael Kerr

Previous Presidents

  • 2013/14, Sara Peat
  • 2012/13, Megan Greig
  • 2011/12, Stuart Laing

ICE President alumni

The department has three alumni who have held the distinguished title of ICE President.

  • Emeritus Professor George Fleming (ICE President 1999-2000).
  • Alastair Craig Paterson (ICE President 1988-1989) Graduated from the Royal Technical College in 1944 and received a Diploma in Engineering Science (with distinction), and the Associateship of the Royal Technical College in Civil Engineering. In 1944 he also received a BSc Eng, with first class honours, from the University of Glasgow.
  • Sir William Francis (ICE President 1987-1988) studied at the Royal Technical College during sessions 1943-44 and 1944-45, and was awarded an honorary degree from the University of Strathclyde in 1988.