Civil & Environmental Engineering Mentoring programme

As a civil & environmental engineering student, you'll benefit from our mentoring programme which brings employees of major companies and their experience, to work with you on engineering projects.

Why mentoring?

Throughout our lives, we can all think of a few people who have really made a positive difference to our development, providing support and guidance. Mentoring within the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering is about bringing the experience from skilled engineers to benefit our students.

Mentoring became common practice in the time of the craft guilds and trade apprenticeships starting back in the Middle Ages. Young people who had acquired the occupational skills required of them, and who were seen to have ‘something more’, often benefited from the support of more experienced professionals.

In today’s industry, mentoring is about continuing this good practice to ensure all learners receive the support and guidance they need to reach their full potential.

What happens during mentoring

You'll explore your own study interests

From October to April each year, third year student visit their mentors in the workplace (consultancy office and/or on a construction site) to learn about the role and responsibilities of graduate engineers.

This allows you to explore your own specific interests in relation to your studies and discuss it with your mentors.

You’ll reflect on your own knowledge, skills and attributes and write an account of your experience that supports your own continued professional development.