Design, Manufacturing & Engineering ManagementPatipat Archana: Glasgow - a day at the museums

An easy way of experiencing culture is to visit museums. The museums provide me with an understanding through the story of items exhibited.

More than 20 museums and art galleries can be found in the city, and I can pick which one to visit based on my own interest. The subjects range from science, history and art to whisky, football and textile but are not limited to these and can be mostly entered free of charge.

Top three

There are three museums that I am particularly fond of; firstly, after jogging in Glasgow Green, I had a chance to visit People's Palace which is located there. It provides a history of Glasgow, how the city itself developed and how Glaswegians lived in the past.

Secondly, as I am an engineering student, I have never missed a chance to visit Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. You may think it is an art gallery, but it also exhibits natural history.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery, Glasgow

Many objects are shown in the form of fossils and skeletons of various animals. These are displayed in the middle of each room and some can be seen hanging from the ceilings. (If you like that sort of thing I would recommend visiting the National Museum of Scotland located in Edinburgh).

Lastly, the Gallery of Modern Art is my most favourite one. The museum features photography, film, media and temporary exhibition. Furthermore, it also offers workshops (some of them are free of charge).

Glasgow has something for everyone – you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Patipat Archana, postgraduate student in Department of Design, Manufacture & Engineering Management