Design, Manufacturing & Engineering ManagementPatipat Archana: Glasgow - communicating with the locals

Communicating with the locals

'Hiya' is the way of greeting for local people in Glasgow - the manner of speaking known as Glaswegian. When I first came here it was hard to distinguish whether it was English or not. Yes, it was!

A pleasure to talk to

Glasgow residents have a considerably strong accent which I took time to get used to but after being a bit afraid I quickly adapted and came to the realisation that there was no need for fear.

Talking and working with Scottish people is a pleasure in itself. Everyone is kind and hospitable.

Scottish people love hanging out and meeting with people. Anywhere you go in the city, there’ll be people wanting to talk and engage that would generally be considered odd in Thai culture. Scotland has welcomed so many refugees to build their new lives here and is comparatively open-minded to foreigners.

George Square on a sunny day

It makes me feel very comfortable to live in this city and call it a home.

Patipat Archana, postgraduate student in Department of Design, Manufacture & Engineering Management