Design, Manufacturing & Engineering ManagementPatipat Archana: Glasgow - town in five minutes

Getting into town in just five minutes

When you feel tired of studying, just go out to the city and update yourself on the latest trends in fashion. Glasgow is known as the best shopping area in the whole of the UK outside of London. I would say there are famous brands available on every corner, so no need to visit London.

Close to the shopping area, the river Clyde is a relaxing place to have a nice walk, cycle and cool down if you’re tired.

River Clyde with the SSE Hydro, SEC and Finnieston Crane in background  

The river is very clean and scenic, and I like to see the different buildings reflecting in the water and often see beautiful photographs doted around the city capturing that exact scene.

As I am not a shopping lover, pubs and bars are the perfect alternative. There are excellent bars surrounding the main city on Bath Street, Sauchiehall Street, Merchant City and Ashton Lane (Hillhead station by subway).

Shoppers on Buchanan Street with buskers entertaining

I have come to learn that while pub culture remains an important part of Glasgow life and culture in the city I still prefer to not drink too much, simply enjoying the experience itself instead.

Patipat Archana, postgraduate student in Department of Design, Manufacture & Engineering Management