Centre for Precision Manufacturing

About us

The Centre for Precision Manufacturing research falls into 3 main themes

  • Precision-Forming and Micro-Manufacturing
  • Precision Engineering
  • Light Metals Advanced Technology

Precision-Forming and Micro-Manufacturing

Led by Prof. Yi Qin, concerns three areas of Materials Forming and Micro-Manufacturing:

  • Forming processes development (cold, warming and hot forming)
  • Developing tool designs and tooling techniques
  • Developing bench-top manufacturing machines and systems

Precision Engineering

Led by Prof. Xichun Luo, develops processes for

  • Freeform ultra precision diamond turning, diamond grinding and diamond milling
  • Non-ferrous metal, crystal brittle materials such as CaF2, Si and SiC for aerospace, defence, high power electric and quantum computing applications

Light Metals Advanced Technology

Led by Dr. Andrzej Rosochowski, is focused on

  • Novel technology for producing ultrafine grained lightweight metals (aluminium, magnesium, titanium) through Grain Refinement in Metals by Severe Plastic Deformation.