Centre for Precision Manufacturing

What we do

We research advanced manufacturing techiques and processes

Our current activities cover:
  • Micro-manufacturing technology and equipment
  • Precision forming techniques and tooling
  • Ultra-precision machining techniques and tooling
  • Micro/nano-machining technology and equipment
  • Ultra-fine grained metal technology and tooling
  • Light-weight metals processing techniques
  • Multiscale modelling (electronic, atomistic, micro/meso and macro length scale) of advanced materials
  • Multiscale modelling of new manufacturing processes and equipment
  • Manufacturing systems for ultra-precision and micro/nano-manufacturing

Our goal is to be a world-leading advanced manufacturing research centre delivering “total” precision manufacturing solutions for next generation high value-added products.

We conduct research across the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) spectrum until the upper-levels by effectively linking research in fundamentals of materials, mechanics and multiscale modelling, to process design, tool design and machine design, for precision and micro/nano-manufacturing.

We also aims to facilitate collaborations across different manufacturing themes and disciplines, e.g. provision of new manufacturing solutions for developing new micro/nano-products/devices for energy, bio/medical, chemical and mechanical engineering applications; exploring new processes and techniques for precision, micro/nano-fabrication and measurement over the large and small areas/volumes and with multi-materials; integration of precision and micro-manufacturing methods/techniques with nano-materials and manipulation technology (to develop “Nano-inside” systems/products); exploring new multi-scale, multi-phases and multi-material modelling techniques for the analysis of emerging products and manufacturing processes; and developing new manufacturing automation capabilities (sensors, inspection and control) for precision and micro/nano-manufacturing.