Summer Student Placements

Taking one of our summer student placements provides the opportunity for your organisation to tap into the intellectual horsepower of undergraduates from one of Scotland’s top engineering departments.

Our students are equipped with design, manufacturing and engineering/enterprise management skills. Placements are typically project-based but beyond that can vary hugely in terms of sector, scope and scale.

From micro-organisations to multi-nationals, service sector to manufacturing, all manner of technical and commercial projects have been tackled in the past.



The standard running time is 10/12 weeks from early June until late September, but this is negotiable.


Salaries are agreed privately between your organisation and the student – the average salary per student is £1,000-£1,500 per month but this can be higher or lower depending on a variety of circumstances.


You'll need to provide a brief job specification which will be distributed to our students. You will be given CVs of interested individuals, and then it’s up to you to apply your own selection criteria. Most companies will interview on their own premises, but we can provide facilities for interviews and testing if required.


We'll work to your timescales – if you wish a rapid response we have a bank of student CVs available for immediate consideration. If you wish to make an offer to one or more students, then a contract is established between you and the candidate(s).

Project examples

Recent examples include: 

  • Implementation of lean manufacturing and six sigma projects in all manner of organisations
  • Management/fulfilment of design projects (SME and large) – inclusive design, new product design, design improvement
  • SOP creation and update for SME service and manufacturing organisations
  • Materials/MRP audit for a large engineering manufacturing organisation Environmental performance improvement projects (energy saving, water usage) for a variety of organisations
This is only a small sample of the type of work which our students can deliver. If you wish to discuss your requirements in more details, then please contact us.

Get involved

Many companies have benefited from having an extra resource to take on one of those projects that have been waiting to get done, but which existing staff have no time to undertake. Our projects are cost-effective and gives you a low-risk opportunity to try a person out – maybe you will be recruiting in the future? Students bring a fresh perspective and the placement programme gives them time to dedicate to a project. Students will be motivated to do a good job for you because the project can earn credits towards their degree.