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Calum Edmunds

PhD Title - Distributed Electricity Market Development


Start Date - October 2015

Degree - MEng Chemical Engineering with Energy Engineering; Diploma in Industrial Training

Research Bio

The aim of this PhD is to evaluate the application of Distributed Electricity Markets (DEMs) to Great Britain. The driver for this research is the increase in distributed generation (DG) which is causing congestion in areas of distribution network rich in renewable resources (e.g. Cornwall, Orkney). In some cases this is leading to curtailment of renewable generation and is placing a limit on the amount of DG that can be connected. DEMs provide a potential means of increasing the local matching of supply and demand by encouraging participation of flexible demands which could increase the amount of DG that can connect in a constrained area. Another potential benefit of DEMs is an improved return for DGs and reduced consumer costs particularly for flexible demands.cale.