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Daniel Dehtyriov

PhD Title - Analytical and numerical modelling of complex three-dimensional flow problems

The development of analytical models, together with high accuracy CFD modelling involving stability and sensitivity analysis, are key tools in developing a fundamental understanding of complex three-dimensional fluid mechanics problems. The research focus will be on using these techniques to study problems of relevance in the field of renewable energy. Key problems that will be addressed include three-dimensional wind turbine blade tip flows, including how these flows relate to spanwise flow effects and how tip flows can ultimately be controlled, stability of helical vortex structures in the wakes of turbines, and how their breakdown can be controlled and modified, and flow control for increasing turbine efficiency.

Start Date - October 2019

Institution - University of Oxford

Degree - BE(Hons), MSc Aerospace Engineering

Additional information - Daniel has a background of research experience in aircraft wake turbulence and numerical fluid mechanics, alongside structural modelling experience through work with the Australian Department of Defence.