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Fraser Anderson

PhD Title - Investigation of the causes of wind turbine underperformance and increased failure rates

Offshore wind power is expected to make up an increasingly significant proportion of the energy mix in future years within the UK. This presents logistical challenges to wind farm operators in the form of bigger wind farms, further offshore, meaning that operations & maintenance costs and turbine reliability are becoming increasingly significant.

Data pertaining to this issue can be roughly categorised into four groups: condition monitoring data, operational data, vessel & weather data and turbine properties (e.g. position in the array). The aim of this PhD is to investigate the inter-dependence of factors that fit into these categories, and how these relationships effect wind farm availability and costs. The outcomes of this investigation will lead to suggestions for better O&M practices for offshore wind farms.

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Start Date - October 2018

Institution - University of Strathclyde

Degree - MSci Physics, University of Glasgow