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Jennifer Morris

PhD Title - Stability and autonomous control of wind farms connected to HVDC 

Increasing capacity in offshore wind, combined with growing distances to farms, means that HVDC transmission is increasingly vital for connection of offshore renewable resources and the interconnection of national networks. Large wind farms are now also required to assist with grid support and regulation of voltage and frequency, despite being dependent on a resource that does not fluctuate with grid demand. To ensure secure grid operation in the future, new and robust methods for controlling wind farm power injection to weak AC grids via HVDC must be developed.
This project seeks to review existing control methodologies for VSC-HVDC transmission and investigate the emerging challenges associated with intermittent renewable resources, VSC-HVDC and weak AC grids. Robust, co-ordinated VSC-HVDC control methods will then be developed, simulated and optimised. Performance of these controllers in abnormal operating conditions, and the fault ride through capability of connected wind farms, will also be examined.

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Start Date - October 2018

Institution - University of Strathclyde

Degree - MEng General Engineering, University of Cambridge

Additional Information - Student member IET, IET Royal Exhibition Scholar