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Lindsey Amos 

PhD Title - Application of Wind Farm Control and Wind Farm Layout for the Optimisation of Wind Farm Power and Loads

Start Date - October 2015

Degree - BSc (hons) Mathematics (University of Southampton, 2004), MSc Advanced Computational Methods for Aeronautics, Flow Management and Fluid-Structure Interaction (Imperial College London, 2008)

Research Bio

Hence, through design of the wind farm layout and active dynamic control of the wind turbine operational strategies, it is possible to bring about a more optimum farm output than the usual method of simply controlling each turbine in the farm individually. For many years wind turbines have typically been operated as single entities, regardless of whether they are part of a larger wind farm or not, a strategy that often does not lead to the most optimum performance of the wind farm. Typically, the variable that operators would like to optimise is the cost of energy. One method of decreasing cost of energy is to maximise the power output of the wind farm. Given a series of turbines, each one in the wake of the next, the optimum solution for maximising the total power output is typically to reduce the power output of one or more upwind turbines. Another consideration is minimising the expense of maintenance, requiring an understanding of how winds affect the loadings on wind turbines, how the operational strategy of wind turbines can be altered to reduce loadings, and how the wind propagates through the wind far

Additional Information - 7 years industrial experience as a Simulation and Modelling Engineer in Motorsport.