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Markella Zormpa

PhD Title - Wind Turbine Wake Analysis And Modelling 

Wind farm performance is a highly parametric problem that depends on complex flow field interactions. At the same time, an accurate prediction method for wind farm performance is essential for the design and placement of wind turbines, and could drive down the LCOE. 

High fidelity CFD along with turbine representation methods will be used to model flow past a single turbine as well as multiple turbines at different layouts, generating a database of flow field data. Various physics will be considered and represented (ie vertical flow shear, viscous interactions etc). Flow field deconstruction methods such as POD will be employed to identify the dominant physical processes of the collected flow field data. The identified leading order physics will be used to develop new wake merger and Lagrangian evolution models and algorithms.

Start Date - October 2019

Institution - University of Oxford

Industrial Link - E.ON Climate & Renewables

Degree - Integrated Master in Mechanical Engineering, National Technical University of Athens